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Dock Mounting Bracket

Attach your 19’ Dori Pole to your dock.

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A helpful bracket for the “Do It Yourself-er” to attach your Dori Pole to your dock.

Recommended for the 19’ three piece, the Dock Mount Bracket attaches your 2” O.D. aluminum post to dock. This convenient attachment method ships with 2” U-bolt and 2 lock nuts. See “Installing Dori Pole” under “Learn” on this website. Wonderful for serving as a wind guide on the water, dock mounting is the suggested installation method for deterring geese and assorted birds from docks and boat lifts.

  • Durable steel bracket, zinc plated
  • Serves as a wind guide and navigation point on the water
  • Dori Pole helps deter nuisance birds
  • Includes U-Bolt and 2 Locknuts
  • Installation instructions included
  • Made in Michigan
Additional items needed for installation (not included)
IMPORTANT: Additional items needed for installation which can be purchased at a marine store: 2” outside diameter aluminum post not included (to determine length of post needed, measure from lake bottom to point at which you want the top of this post), a bottom auger or plate to rest on lake bottom, bolts or lag screws to attach Dock Mount Bracket to side of dock and one 2-1/2”bolt and lock nut to install through post about 18” down from the top to act as a stop so that the Dori Pole doesn’t go all the way down to the lake bottom.
Weight 1 lbs

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