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Dock Mounting Bracket

Attach your 19′ Dori Pole to your dock!

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A helpful bracket for the “Do It Yourself-er” • Attach your Dori Pole to your dock!

Recommended for the 19′ three-piece, the Dock Mount Bracket attaches your 2″ O.D. aluminum post to dock. This convenient attachment method ships with 2″ U-bolt and 2 lock nuts. Wonderful for serving as a wind guide on the water, dock mounting is the suggested installation method for deterring geese and assorted birds from docks and boat lifts.

  • Durable steel bracket, zinc plated
  • Serves as a wind guide and navigation point on the water
  • Dori Pole helps deter nuisance birds
  • Includes U-Bolt and 2 Lock nuts
  • Installation instructions included
  • Made in Michigan
Additional items needed for installation (not included)
IMPORTANT: Additional items needed for installation which can be purchased at a marine store: 2″ outside diameter aluminum post not included (to determine length of post needed, measure from lake bottom to point at which you want the top of this post), a bottom auger or plate to rest on lake bottom, bolts or lag screws to attach Dock Mount Bracket to side of dock and one 2-1/2″ bolt and lock nut to install through post about 18″ down from the top to act as a stop so that the Dori Pole doesn’t go all the way down to the lake bottom.
Weight 1 lbs

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